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TraqGear Zero - Long Sleeve Top


Base Layer

The successor to the popular RacePro line that started it all. The lightest, most breathable fire resistant base layers ever. Featuring SuperLite™ fabrics with an extremely light and smooth silky feel. 


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athletic fit & feel athletic fit & feel no seems on driver pressure points no seems on driver pressure points moisture & temperature management moisture & temperature management fast drying performance fast drying performance
Combat Heat Stress

Combat Heat Stress

Simply the lightest, thinnest, most breathable layers ever. Super thin fabric offers optimal comfort and cooling with a silky smooth feel. Engineered to be the lightest weight fabric possible, while still meeting strict FR safety standards.

SINCE 2011

Hand made in the USA

Premium fabrics and materials — designed, constructed and shipped in the USA.

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  • Extended Length Collar

    Added comfort and protection

  • Athletic Fit

    No seams on driver pressure points

  • Under Arm Gussetting

    Maximum freedom of movement

  • Contoured Shape

    Designed and tailored around the seated driving position

  • Extended Length Droptail

    Helps shirt from riding up when in the seated driving position

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Origin: Made in USA

Certification: SFI 3.3 Underclothing

Material: 65% Viscose, 35% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tom Fowler / Owner OPM Autosports
No brainer under my suit

I have used the shirt for 3-4 weekends now and have been very happy with it. It is perfect on test days when I am not wearing a coolshirt during short sessions but need more protection than a T-shirt which was my choice before this. It has been comfortable, cool and fits well and in combination with the fire protection it has been a no brainer to wear on a regular basis under my suit.

Danny Steyn / Spec Miata Majors Champion, 100+ SM Podiums
Incredibly light

The TraqGear shirt is incredibly light and comfortable on the skin, and the added benefit of being fire resistant is a huge plus for all racers.

Aaron Povoledo / Pro Racecar Driver and Coach
Hands down the best

In a sport where every single degree of core body temp can and does effect your performance, staying cool is as important as tires, horsepower and handling. The Traqgear shirt is hands down the best fire retardant shirt I’ve yet to find in my 20+ yrs of racing. It wicks, it breaths, it keeps you cooler – Hats off to them.

Todd Buras / Pro Racecar Driver
So much cooler

Anyone that has not heard about the new TraqGear safety clothing is missing out. TraqGear is about change the racing industry in design and safety. I am wearing a TraqGear shirt which is keeps you so much cooler in the car and much more fashionable out. I can not wait for the complete set of clothing.

Jim Drago / 2 Time Spec Miata National Champion
The best available

To all of you who have not tried the great new shirts for under your suit from TraqGear, you have no idea what you are missing. They are light, fireproof and wicking like many of the new athletic shirts from Nike and Under Armour, just won’t melt to your skin in the case of fire. Protect yourself and run the best safety equipment available! I won’t get in a car unless I have my TraqGear shirt.

TraqGear's Values

The apex of innovation, performance & safety since 2011.