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How does TraqGear products compare to my everyday athletic clothing?

Our products are designed to be cool, lightweight, wick moisture away from the skin and be antimicrobial. They work as well or better in most cases, than your athletic clothing while being fire retardant and safe to wear in the car. In addition, TraqGear apparel is strategically engineered for driver comfort with no seams under the arms or on top of the shoulders.

Are TraqGear products certified?

Yes! All of our materials used in production of our garments are SFI Certified.

Are other fire retardant garments just as safe as TraqGear products?

No. Just being “FR” or “fire retardant” is not the same as being certified. We tested military approved, “fire retardant” materials through SFI and they did not pass certification. We only use certified fabrics in all of our products.

Do just a few degrees make a difference in a race car?

Absolutely! Just one degree cooler can make a difference in driver comfort and focus. Our SuperLite materials used in the Zero line are the lightest and most breathable fabrics on the market today.

How does TraqGear make fire retardant performance wear without the melt or drip associated with polyester?

Our fabrics are made from natural fibers and have a patented process for treatment. They do not melt or drip.

Does the fire retardant treatment wear out?

No. The treatment process is good for the life of the garment.

My driver’s suit is fire retardant and certified; can’t I wear anything I want underneath and be protected?

No. Placing flammable materials underneath your suit is a terrible idea. Even though flames may or may not penetrate your suit, heat transfer is a huge danger to the driver. Cotton shirts are combustible, flammable and will continue to burn once ignited. Polyester can and will melt into the skin requiring surgery to remove. SCCA’s Sportscar magazine states, “Wearing standard clothes under the race suit carries the risk of internal combustion next to the skin; while the race suit does not burn, you can trap the burning and heat build up against the skin”.

Do I need protection just participating in high performance driving events in a street car?

Modern day street cars use a large amount of plastics throughout the interior of the car. Plastic and rubber, which used to be derived from the rubber tree, is now made with petroleum and is highly flammable. The inside of a car can quickly become an inferno. Also, many new sport cars obtain high rates of speed and are high performance. Safety in all aspects is a great idea.

Since modern race cars are safer than ever why should I worry about fire?

Race cars are safer than ever and we are better contained in the car than in previous years. However, that containment and connected creature comforts, while a good thing, makes it more difficult and time consuming to get out of the car. Therefore, if a race car catches fire there is a good chance you’ll experience extreme heat and/or flames. Imagine being on the straight at 130 mph and catching fire. How many seconds would it take to get the car stopped, unhook everything and get out safely? Racing is a dangerous sport and the responsibility to be safe lies with us drivers. Wear all the gear.

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