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TraqGear Ultra Balaclava - Black


Base Layer

Simply the thinnest and most comfortable balaclava on the market. Maximum stretch and breathability. Available in single-layer or double-layer face configurations.


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fire resistant fabric
FlexForm™fire resistant fabric second-skin
fit & feel
second-skinfit & feel moisture & temperature
moisture & temperaturemanagement no seams on face or forehead no seams on face or forehead

Engineered for maximum comfort

Ultra Balaclava - Black

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FlexForm™ is a proprietary blend of fire-resistant fabric that is engineered for maximum comfort. It contains Lenzing FR® - a breathable natural fiber that is soft against the skin.

SINCE 2011

Hand made in the USA

Premium fabrics and materials — designed, constructed and shipped in the USA.

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4-Way Stretch

Contoured shape moves and flexes with your movements. Stretchy FlexForm FR fabric ensures a comfortable fit on most head shapes and sizes. Extended length neck area ensures full coverage with other layers.

  • Minimal Seams

    No seams around the face or forehead, flat-lock seam construction for maximum comfort

  • Contoured Shape

    Fits all head shapes and sizes with FlexForm™ 4-way stretch FR fabric

  • Reduced Neck Area

    Helps fabric from bunching under helmet

  • RF Jack Access

    Button hole allows for easy fitment of earbud RF jack or drink tube

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Origin: Made in USA

Certification: SFI 3.3 Hood

Material: 78% Lenzing, 19% Nomex, 3% Lycra

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Nick DeRosa

Ultra Balaclava - Black

Bought on a whim, blown away!

I have a few of the "old" Traqgear shirts and was eager to see the new line. While at NJMP, the shop had the balaclava available and on a whim I bought it. It's perfect. Feels like it isn't even there. Helps keep sweat out of my helmet, super comfortable, easy to take on and off, doesn't smell--I didn't even hit it with Molecule until a few events in. Very happy and looking forward to trying out the rest of the line.

L C, 2
Snug but not tight Fit

Follows face and neck contours without tight spots or wrinkles. Allows me to comfortably wear one size smaller helmet.
Probably safer because less slop between helmet and my head.

Bruce Grobman

Haven't tried them on yet as no track days since I got them, but the service was very quick and the quality looks good.

Great service. Recommend...

Sam Barnett

I will admit I didn't think changing to a different balaclava would make much of a difference. I slid my helmet on over the single layer version and knew immediately I would never go back.

I used to not wear a balaclava because they were hot and made my helmet fit tighter. The single layer is almost like having no balaclava at all. It doesn't pull against your face when you put your helmet on. The helmet slides right on. There are no seams around the face and I don't feel any pressure points anywhere on it.

On the track the difference is significant. It was nearly 100 degrees outside and my head was much cooler which lead to a noticeably cooler body temperature.

We all want an advantage as racers. Being overheated hurts our reaction time and can be dangerous if we get too hot.

As someone that was skeptical that this product was really necessary, I can tell you first hand that it's such a difference that I would say it's close to a toss up as to which I would pick, the balaclava or the shirt if I had to pick one.

I have not tried the double layer yet. I can't imagine liking any balaclava more than the Traqgear Racing Innovations single layer but I'll try it soon and post my feedback.

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