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TraqGear Announced as Sponsor for the ALM Autobahn Enduro Series

ALM Positioners is excited to announce the addition of three new sponsors for the ALM Enduro Series 2015. Joining with ALM Positioners and Hoosier Racing Tire for the 2015 Series are Pro-System, Inc., TraqGear, and Braille Battery.

Pro-System, Inc. is proud to be affiliated with the ALM Enduro Series. Now in their 21st year of business, Pro-System is the innovator of pre bedding brake rotors and pads and also offers rotors, mounting hardware, brake hats, pads, calipers and other brake system components for racing. Pro-Systems also designs and manufactures custom brake systems for most racing applications. They test all the products they sell and their team is comprised of the most knowledgeable people in the racing brake business with a long history working not only in the brake industry but on the team side actively involved in racing.

TraqGear strives to help race car drivers win by addressing the issues encountered in racing conditions. Their initial focus has been on reducing heat stress in the car by introducing high quality, technical fabrics to produce a safe, effective alternative to normal clothing and heavy FR fabrics such as Nomex. TraqGear continues to engineer, test and develop new products that enhance the experience and performance of the drivers across the various racing categories.

We also welcome Braille Battery as a sponsor for 2015. A world leader in ultra lightweight Lithium-Ion high performance batteries, Braille Battery also distributes and sells the world’s first and only AGM carbon fiber race batteries. Braille Battery is currently the lithium battery of choice used exclusively in every car in: Indycar, DTM,SuperGT and Australian V8 Supercars, along with a large majority of the prototypes and GT cars in the IMSA TUDOR sports car series. They are also a supplier to top teams in NASCAR, Formula 1, Open Wheel, Drag Racing, Rally, SCCA, NASA, Drifting, Motorcycle and all levels of competition on both two and four wheels.

The ALM Enduro Series 2015 race schedule starts with a 3.5 hour race on the Autobahn’s South track June 13th. The second race is a 5 hour event on September 19th. The premier event will be the final, 12 hour, full course competition, with the practice session scheduled for October 31 and the race on the first of November.

Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the ALM Enduro Series, the Midwest’s Best Enduro Series in 2015! There are openings for qualified teams, drivers, and pit crew members. Get more information or sign up today at

The Autobahn Country Club, Joilet, Ill.,

Considered to be the nation’s premier Motorsports Country Club is hosting these events, sanctioned by Autobahn Member Racing League and sponsored by ALM. Awards are given to the winner in each class, classes will be determined by Horsepower to weight ratios except for the Spec Miata Class. Winning drivers will be awarded a personal trophy for their race. The team, and drivers, accruing the highest total number of points during the annual series, regardless of class, will have their names added to the ALM-Positioners Endurance Series Cup. The cup will be on display at the Autobahn racecourse. The Competitors DO NOT NEED to be Autobahn members to compete. Most major competition licenses are accepted. Teams should register early due to the limited number of available positions.

Full details on the” ALM Enduro Series” and the 12 hour Enduro specifically, can be found at or

This race series is sponsored by ALM Positioners a leading manufacturer of Welding and Assembly Positioners based in Rock Island, Illinois. ALM will also be sponsoring a race team in each of the upcoming events. Additional information on ALM Positioners, their products, services and support of competitive automotive events is available on the internet at

For more information contact:

Mike Gritter
Track Operations Manager

Autobahn Country Club of Joliet
3795 CenterPoint Way
Joliet, IL 60436