**PRESS RELEASE** Strategic Partnership with COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS

TraqGear Racing Innovations is proud to announce our strategic partnership with COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS!

Our next-generation driver cooling systems coupled with TraqGear FR SFI rated apparel will keep racers cooler and more importantly safer according to Jay Buckalew, CEO of COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS. “Our combined solutions will ensure that racers are more comfortable, more focused, and perform better while reducing hazardous heat exposure in the 130F racecars.” This will a be a game changer not only in Racing but the other vertical markets we are involved with.

COOLSHIRT SYSTEMS is the world’s leading provider of cooling garments and systems for racing, power sports, physicians, first responders, military, industrial workers and athletes. The company is located outside of Atlanta, Georgia and has been developing and selling personal cooling systems for over 25 years. For more information, please visit www.coolshirt.com.

At TraqGear, we strive to help drivers win by addressing the issues encountered in racing conditions. Roger Burdette, CEO of TraqGear states, “Since our focus has been on reducing heat stress in the car and introducing a safe alternative to normal clothing and heavy fabrics, this was a natural progression for TraqGear. The new CEO at COOLSHIRT is aggressive, innovative and kind, while maintaining the strong foundation that COOLSHIRT was built on. We are humbled and proud to be partners with such a strong and heritage rich-organization. Expect cutting edge ingenuity from this relationship!”

COOLSHIRT and TraqGear will collaborate to provide complete cooling solutions to include SFI Rated Liquid Cooling devices using TG SuperLite materials, special boxes that incorporate hydrographics and new portable systems. They are also in testing with balaclavas that use a patented, ultra-low profile, flat tubing for maximum cooling and comfort.