Learn about the Fabric used in all TraqGear Products

Take a closer look at the technology behind these incredible threads.

SFI 3.3 Certified

We’ve achieved unparalleled comfort while improving the safety of every driver.

Heat Stress

Our fire resistant, super light fabrics help you perform at maximum speeds by reducing fatigue and heat stress.

Moisture Wicking and Antimicrobial

TraqGear™ products use the latest safety apparel technologies which provides moisture wicking and the reduction of odor causing bacteria.

Don’t take a chance on cotton or polyester under your suit in a race or in a performance driving event.

In July of 2013, SCCA’s SportsCar Magazine wrote, “Wearing standard clothes under the race suit carries the risk of internal combustion next to the skin; while the race suit does not burn, you can trap the burning and heat build up against the skin”. It has been long known that cotton fibers can spontaneously combust when in transport and in when in a storage environment. Likewise, when polyester is exposed to the same heat, it melts and drips, requiring surgery to remove from the skin.

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What are the pros saying about TraqGear™?

“These new shirts are amazing! I can’t ever imagine going back to nomex.” Todd Lamb

“Hands down the best fire retardant shirt I’ve yet to find in my 20+ yrs of racing!” Aaron Povoledo

“Anyone that hasn’t heard about TraqGear is missing out. They are about to change the racing industry.” Todd Buras


No seams on the driver pressure points:

  • Under the arms
  • On top of the shoulders

Premium Fire Retardant Fabrics

Superior Styling and Design

Athletic Cut to Reduce Bunching

Moisture Wicking & Antimicrobial

Super Light and Comfortable Fabrics

SFI 3.3 Certification